Meet The Bear Team

Please find listed below the key members of the Bear at Hodnet team.

Alyn Jones- The Welsh one
Head Chef

Alyn's real name is Bryn but until the incarnation of Gavin & Stacey Bryn was a very un-cool name. Well-known for his love of famous Michelin star-restaurants he is humble enough to still enjoy the delights of Nandos, an irony sadly lost on Andy Richardson and the Shropshire Star.
Like many others in his profession what Alyn says and what he means are two very separate things, one things is not in question though; he loves what he does and does what he loves.

Gregory Williams- The other Welsh One

Our resident Landlord, Greg, spends most his days playing golf or challenging 'mini Barnesy' for games of tennis.  The rest of his time he spends quaffing wine, all in the name of research for our wine list, of course.  Most likely to be found wearing brightly coloured trousers and trying to look busy with our 'ferocious guard dog' Jack, at his heels.

Chris Barnes- The Braun
The Jack of all trades

The Jack of all trades; the painter, the builder, the shelf 'putter-upper'.  The guy we turn to when we want something "yes Chris, we definately need a Crystal wine decanter" (Greg), "slate plates really add to the dish" (Alyn).  When he's not running around after us he's running about after his four children.....

Front of House

The one that looks after us all and keeps Greg in-check. Sharon was here before all of us so is a fountain of all knowledge for The Bear, particularly useful in discovering the use of specific keys. Big fan of Gangnam Style.  

'House Bear'

Jack is our House Bear.  Very ferocious and constantly on guard. 

The Bear at Hodnet, a Family Pub with Quality Food and Accommodation

Opening Hrs

  • Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm
  • Sun 12pm-8.00pm Food 12-4pm
  • Food Mon-Thurs 12-3 6-9pm
  • Food Fri/Sat 12-9:30pm


The Bear at Hodnet
Market Drayton
Shropshire, TF9 3NH.